Thank you very much for such an interesting and helpful session. Not only was the NPL Parenting Workshop thought provoking, I am delighted to say that the techniques taught actually work! Through the use of effective communication I can now see that “set in the mould” patterns of behaviour and moods can be changed. What a relief to get the homework done in calm and productive manner rather than the usual mayhem!
CT Maidenhead
My teenage daughter was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and hadn’t done a full day at school for months. She couldn’t go out with friends or have a sleepover and could no longer enjoy the gym with her best friend. After just one session with Judy she is now back at school full time, has had two sleepovers and taken a weekend job.
Mrs B Woking
Hi Judy it’s T and I did a competition today and felt so much more confident! Thanks so much!!
T, Aged 12
What I like about your workbooks: NLP for Kid and Parents, is the way in which you present NLP in simple words but you give the essence of it in a natural and easy way; I know that you are trustful because of your background with the schooling environment. You know to respect, convey concepts and methodology remaining as faithful as possible to the need of kid and parents, I remain appreciative. of your work It was a great pleasure for me to read and learn and apply all material.
Hamid Jaouhar France
I have just had three sessions of NLP with Judy. It was a wonderful experience, which put me back in touch with myself, and to become aware again of my own potential. Judy was very patient and observant, and she gave me some tools to take with me to maintain my new-found equilibrium. In particular, new doors have already started to open to me. I had a job interview this morning, and am setting up a freelance writing business, after wanting to do so for a long time, but not finding the right space. I am an NLP convert!
JL Marlow
When I first met Judy I was struck with how intuitive she was, within minutes of me explaining the areas I wanted to concentrate on, she’d correctly relayed to me just how I sometimes interact with certain people and how that gave me certain outcomes. We went on to discuss various areas I wanted to improve on and Judy gave me clear steps to achieve those improvements. I thought Judy was incredibly insightful and this reassured me enormously.
Mrs S Marlow
I met with Judy for a session of one-to-one NLP work, and found her help to be invaluable. I’m a writer, and at the time I was trying to get my book published. But I found that I really lacked confidence when discussing my work, and it meant I was less than convincing when talking to agents. Judy helped me dig down into the language I was using, and found ways to unlock my inner confidence, giving me tips and techniques for those challenging situations. A few weeks after I saw her, I had the chance to showcase my work to a number of agents – I grabbed that opportunity with my newfound confidence, and now have a two-book deal.