Although I’ve been using NLP with parents, children and teens for many years, most people only really know about Neuro Linguistic Programming in the workplace context and wonder how it works as a parenting skill. Whilst the jargon may be acceptable and possibly even welcome at work, all the NLP jargon that most books use will be really off-putting as a parent. That’s why I’ve written the book. I have set out to make the content as approachable as I can and write as one parent to another giving you plenty of real and personal examples of situations I have encountered as a mum of four children and shown you how NLP can help in those scenarios.

As you’ll see from the contents list, the book covers lots of different situations you will experience as a parent whether your child is still a baby or whether they are teenagers. There are plenty of exercises to do and things to think about, quizzes and examples.

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Here’s a copy of the contents page

Part 1 – Basic NLP principles

1. Introduction to NLP – what is NLP, ground rules, Modelling and why NLP is great for your children

2. Identity – who am I? What do I want? Questionnaire What does it all mean?

3. Communicating – Achieving the desired response, rapport, negotiating skills, giving and receiving support, embracing change

4. Time Management – valuing your time, prioritizing, coping with guilt, ‘me’ time, delegating

Part 2 – Applying NLP at home

5. Lack of confidence – coping with fear of failure, not being a good mother, embarrassment, Envy, Knowing your strengths, giving your child confidence, supporting schoolwork, friends

6. Guilty feelings – not enough time for the children, children not eating well, coping with fear and anxiety

7. Coping with change – going back to work, not going back to work, stay at home dad, then there were two, moving house, changing schools, divorce/separation/illness/death, death of a pet

8. Coping with conflict – sibling rivalry, bullying, disobedience, jealousy and anger, internal conflicts, pester power

9. Teenagers – communicating with your teenager, teaching teenagers to be streetwise, sexual issues

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It was recently reviewed in Rapport Magazine (ANLP) who said “she writes with empathy and encouragement for ‘outcome thinking’ parenting.”

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